Bellooxa Rowing Machine Review: A Worthwhile Workout Companion with a Few Quirks

Rowing machines are a fantastic way to get a full-body workout from the comfort of your home, and the Bellooxa Rowing Machine has caught quite a bit of attention lately. We’ve seen how this machine performed in comparative tests and decided to see if it lives up to the hype. Here’s our experience with the Bellooxa Rowing Machine, diving into all its aspects, from assembly to functionality.

Quality and Price

First things first, the Bellooxa Rowing Machine offers excellent value for money. The wood craftsmanship is solid, giving it a sturdy and premium feel which you don’t always get with fitness equipment. This aspect was especially appealing as it blends well in a home setting, not sticking out like a sore thumb.

Assembly: A Test of Patience

The assembly process, however, was somewhat challenging. We encountered a hiccup with screwing in two of the screws due to possibly outdated instructions. Additionally, there have been updates to the rudder elastic which were not reflected in the manual. This oversight led to a prolonged setup as we figured out the changes. It’s a good reminder for those who aren’t very handy to set aside a significant amount of time for assembly or maybe even enlist some help.

Design and Use

Once assembled, the rowing machine is quite a looker. It doesn’t scream “gym equipment” which is a plus for home use. The foot mounts are designed for larger feet, but since rowing isn’t primarily about pulling with your feet, this wasn’t a significant issue. 

A standout feature is the LED display on the water tank, which shows the energy used per stroke in different colors. This innovative feature is more than just visually pleasing; it motivates you to maintain a consistent pace and effort throughout your workout. 

A Word on Maintenance

A minor issue we noticed was related to the maintenance of the rudder cable. If not handled with care (a lesson quickly learned by our children), the cable can snap out of its holder. Fixing this requires a bit of effort as you need to reattach the elastic band by opening up the machine again.

Final Thoughts

the Bellooxa Rowing Machine is a respectable piece of equipment that stands out for its solid build and innovative features, especially at its price point. While the assembly might test your patience and the app could use some enhancements, the overall quality and functionality make this rowing machine a worthy investment for anyone looking to boost their fitness routine at home.

If you’re planning to add a rowing machine to your home gym, the Bellooxa is definitely one to consider. Just remember to bring your patience for the assembly, and perhaps have a smartphone or tablet handy to use a more robust app like Kinomap for the best experience. Happy rowing!

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